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What Do The Employees
Have To Gain.

There are a lot of software companies on the market that help businesses recruit, onboard, train and develop your employees, but only HR ALL-STAR can back it up with a PRODUCTIVITY BASED GUARANTEE. Here is how it works: If we don’t give you unmistakeable proof with our 30 Day Demo that we have increased your stats for productivity, employee engagement, conversion and retention rates, then we will refund you 100%.

Fast Employee Development



We aren’t afraid of getting into the game with you. We believe software should have deliverables, so we offer multiple services and options to help you recruit, train and retain your target employees with little to no investment of time and money.

Character Based Resume Writing Technology

In the past some companies might have given promotions and recognition to those that talk a good game while the real All-Stars are left working hard but sitting, unnoticed, on the bench until the day comes and they finally get pushed over the edge and leave for another job without the boss even knowing what happened or how much money was even lost. Not to worry, the future is here & we KNOW WHO ARE THE BEST WORKERS! We invented clever ways to track and score advancement worthy events, like: supervisor reviews of character, conversion rates, bilingual ability, pictures of degrees or licensing, skilled training documentation, attendance records, charitable interests, personal goals and a lot more. HR will love to have a technology that allows applicants & workers to input their own information because it saves them time. And training certificates and other achievements can be easily stored for future use in the future of the employees career.  Find fun ways to score your employee potential and make a game out of productivity. 

Character Based Staffing Service Sister Company 

Does the boss know which staffing workers or interns have the potential to be a future million dollar employee? Not to worry, the app will let them know. It works like this: 1st – Your employer will choose a curriculum of monthly self-help seminars which will become MINI CURRICULUM of training. 2nd = We will track those who attend and award points to each workers resume. 3rd – You will see who achieves your training goals along with attendance reports & employee reviews from your supervises. We show an 85% retention rate by developing workers in this way.  Everyone wins! CLICK HERE for more info. 

Milestones & Rewards

Who said that work can’t be fun? HRAS is full of fun and innovative ways to make your work exciting. Things like trophy icons for top performers, downloadable Resumes to share on Social Media, Picture profiles to let the bosses see your commitment to excellence, Resume Cards with QR Codes, and much more.



Want us to "Show You The Money?

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