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How Do We Help You Reduce Hiring Risk?

There are a lot of software companies on the market that help businesses recruit, on board, train and develop your employees but only HR ALL-STAR can back it up with a PRODUCTIVITY BASED GUARANTEE. Here is how it works: If we do not give you unmistakable proof with our 30 day demo that have not increased your stats for productivity, employee engagement, conversion and retention rates, then we will refund you 100%.

Fast Company Growth



We aren’t afraid of getting into the game with you. We believe software should have deliverables, so we offer multiple services and options to help you recruit, train and retain your target employees with little to no investment of time and money.

Background Checks

Conventional Criminal Background Checks can be hard to read typing, and everything is written in legal jargon on court documents. A real headache. We are much easier to use because we believe in documenting hiring relevant information. We track and score things like: types of transportation, bilingual ability, pictures of degrees or licensing, Facebook links to personal accounts, availability dates, number of years spent with other employers and a lot more. With a push of a button you will get all this, and we will include an easy to read criminal background for no extra charge!

Quick Link Generator

Send unlimited resume files to anyone who would need instant communication of employee data by simply creating a quick link and attaching it in a text or email. The recipient will not even need login credentials to access the employees resume. Your manager will instantly have every workers contact info when they open the resume link. You can take a much needed break from all the middle man duties when trying to manage your workforce. 

Automation of your Applications

We do not replace any of your existing on-boarding process, but only speed it up and supercharge the information coming into your database. You may be surprised to find out that you need half as much office assistance for processing your new and existing employees.



Want us to "Show You The Money?

Simply click on this link to get a current case study of a company that saved $9500.